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The JLT Tempest Rally Round-Up & Congratulations to our Competition Winner!

TM Rallysport at JLT Tempest RallyThe 2014 JLT Tempest rally attracted over fifty 2-wheel drive cars, and twenty-five 4-wheel drive cars.  It was always going to be a challenge to match the impressive performance of the WRC Subarus, but despite the tough competition, the day started full of promise for TM Rallysport, with good times achieved for the first non-spectator stages at Ash and Longmoor.

Unfortunately, the morning stages saw the TM team with turbo trouble, resulting in early retirement, and the end of the rally for Trevor Martin.  Trevor said, "It was disappointing to have to pull-out so early on in the day, but on the up-side, we did manage to spend more time promoting the Subaru Rally Experience competition to spectators at the Arena and had some time to speak to a number of people who were in the pit area."

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TM Rallysport Rally Cars are BackHave you been a keen spectator at the local JLT Tempest Rally over the years?  Well, for those adrenalin junkies who love the sound of highly tuned engines roaring through the forest stages and experiencing the action up-close at the Aldershot Arena - the rally cars are back in town on Saturday 8th November!

Trevor Martin, of TM Roofing & Building, is the driver for the TM Rallysport team and proud sponsor of the JLT Tempest 2014 Rally.  

Trevor has been involved with motorsport for many years, and has competed in the Tempest Rally in 7 different cars over the years - his own BDA Escort, Peugeot 106, 206, and a number of Group A Subaru Impreza’s.  This year will see him competing in the gravel spec Group A Subaru Impreza.



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TM Roofing & Building – proud sponsors of the JLT Tempest Rally 2014

TM Rallysport sponsors JLT Tempest RallyTM Roofing & Building has sponsored the Tempest Rally for over ten years and is proud to support the event once again in 2014.

Trevor says, “The JLT Tempest Rally is the only Southern gravel rally still running, and it needs the support of local businesses to provide funding to enable the event to run and to also ensure it attracts drivers and spectators from near and far.  The rally is always well-run and local rally clubs support it fantastically every year, whatever the weather. We want to make sure this rally remains a fixture on the motorsport calendar that we can look forward to each year!”

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