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TM Rallysport Subaru Team


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TM Rallysport Team, Fleet Hampshire


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TM Rallysport


TM Rallysport Spotlights

Rally Experience Days

Ultimate High-Octane Rally Experience in Aldershot Hampshire 

Do you love speed?  Are you an adrenalin-junkie?  Then this rally experience is a ‘MUST DO’ for you in 2015!

In conjunction with Subaru Rally Experience Days, TM Rallysport will soon be offering 3 lap passenger experiences for adults and children (over 12 years) as well as half day and full day packages for up to 10 adults, which gives you the opportunity to test your skills at driving a rally car as well as being driven round a rally stage at breath-taking speeds!  


Guaranteed to be an unforgettable driving experience! COMING SOON!

Book in and hang on for the ride of a lifetime! – PRICE TBC

See if you can hold your nerve whilst in the co-driver’s seat next to Trevor Martin, TM Rallysport’s championship rally driver.  Trevor will drive to the max on a turbo-charged hot stage at Aldershot Arena.  This 3 lap experience will give you the adrenalin kick you crave!

TM Rallysport’s Half Day/Full Day Packages – Coming soon!

TM Rallysport is working with The Subaru Rally Experience to be able to offer an extra special rally experience in the Group A TM Rallysport team Subaru Impreza.  This will be available to those who have already received tuition on rally driving techniques.

Half Day Rally Packages – 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm 

Expert rally driving tuition delivered with a bucket loads of fun

The three hours you spend with us will be memorable, exhilarating and will serve up the biggest bucket of fun you have had in ages!  Following a short safety briefing, you will be taken to the practice stage where expert rally instructors will expand your knowledge by teaching you how to handle the high-spec Group A Subaru, which required more advanced handling techniques.

As you learn the more advancedrally driving techniques and your confidence builds, your instructor will simulate the feeling of a real rally experience by reading you pace-notes as if they were your co-driver.  Having already completed the foundation training with Subaru Rally Experience, this training will take you to the next level to bring all your skills together for a final assessment – could you be our next Driver of the Day?

The half day rally experience concludes with a jaw-dropping passenger ride in the competition rally car with an expert at wheel!  Hold on tight and don’t close your eyes! 

An Award Ceremony, photos and certificate presentation closes the show - your awesome experience is complete.


Full Day Rally Packages – 9.30am – 4pm 

Hampshire’s best rally driving experience – not for the faint-hearted!

Following on from Subaru Rally Experience training, this full day package with TM Rallysport will cover more advanced driving techniques which are required to drive this highly tuned machine.

With further instruction on handling corners, braking, and throttle control whilst getting to grips with the tarmac and loose gravel forest roads on the Aldershot Arena stage, you will learn the art of power sliding and using handbrake turns to take you smoothly round sharp hairpin bends.  Power off, turn in, kick on the power to start the slide, keep the car sliding through the corner, then hang on because next is the hairpins!  This is real rally driving!

You will now get the opportunity to drive the Subaru Rally Experience 4WD Rally Car.  A high-spec competition rally car that produces 280 BHP and is awesomely quick. We guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!  This is the white-knuckle rally experience you have been training for!

The day won’t be complete without experiencing the stage with an expert rally driver at the wheel, so you will get to see how a rear wheel machine really performs with an expert at the wheel!

An Award Ceremony completes your rally experience, along with a group photo shoot and a certificate presentation.  We hope you will be back again soon for your next adrenalin rush!