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TM Rallysport Subaru Team


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TM Rallysport Team, Fleet Hampshire


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TM Rallysport


TM Rallysport Spotlights

TM Rallysport Rally Team

Trevor Martin Rally DriverTrevor Martin - Rally Driver

Trevor Martin, driver for TM Rallysport is from Fleet in Hampshire and is the owner of TM Roofing, Trevor Martin Developments and TM Rallysport.

Trevor started rallying back in 1993, attending single venue events in Mk1 and 2 Escorts, winning the Carfax Stages by beating the more powerful 4WD cars at a very icy Longcross in 1998.

Coming 2nd overall and 1st in class in the ACSMC forest championship in 2001 saw Trevor then moving on to Peugeot 106 and 206 Super Cups which included gaining experience at some challenging European Rallies.  Notable successes in this category included 2nd in Peugeot 206 Cup section of the Border Counties Rally in 2005 and holding on to 2nd in Championship for most of that season.

Following this, Trevor contested the ANCRO championship in GpN Subaru Impreza and then in a GpA version on selected events. His goal was achieved when he was given the opportunity to drive a GpA Impreza for the first time, having been inspired by Messrs McRae and Burns.  His worst moment was retiring before the start of the first stage on the Severn Valley 2010! They discovered an oil leak on the gearbox while waiting in the queue for the start of the stage. He would still like to have a go at Rally GB but has done most of its stages on other Welsh Rallies. 

Ray Cleghorn - Co-DriverRay Cleghorn – Co-Driver

Co-driver, Ray Cleghorn has been Trevor’s co-driver since 2000 when they competed in a Mark II Escort, then in the Peugeot 106 and 206 Cup Challenge.  Ray has been Trevor's full-time navigator ever since! 



Paul Garraway - Service Crew

Paul has been with the rally team for ten years, an association which began with Paul spectating on the Tempest rally all those years ago, to becoming an integral part of the TM Rallysport Service Crew, to now competing in the 2014 events in the 2-car team. 


Trevor Rust - Service Crew

Trevor has been a service crew member with TM Rallysport for ten years and his extensive knowledge and experience gained through decades of working as an HGV Technician makes him an invaluable member of the team.  Trevor is also the driver of the TM Rallysport lorry, but is now often seen behind the wheel of his own rally car - an ambition that has finally become reality - and he is enjoying every minute of it!


Pete Ulrick – Chief Media Production

Pete has been involved in photography for over 40 years; Dribble Productions is a recent incarnation and includes photography, video, UAV/Drone work, panoramic and 360 tours.



Jake-Cranstone-Media-ProductionJake Cranstone - Media Production Assistant

Jake is our youngest member of team.  His passion for motorsport and his experience in two years of competitive racing in his Honda Cadet kart has earned him his place in the team. Jake is not only a walking encyclopedia of motorsport, but he is also a whizz with video, so it made perfect sense to give Jake the opportunity to be involved with the team by assisting Pete with video production.  He is a pretty good karter too!  Check out his racing history on www.jmc-racing.co.uk